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Hungarian Theatre Museum and Institute received in 2005 the grant of the Jedlik Ányos programme for the purpose of realizing the project titled Digital Theatre History: Archivation, publication and analysis of the programme information of Hungarian theatres and other resources; theoretical and practical grounding of theatre historiography in the 21st century. Our large-scale undertaking, which began in 2006, came to an end this June.

As a result of the project the record of Hungarian performances between 1945 - 1990 is accessible through interenet by everyone at our renewed site In this unique theatre database not only the basic data of performances but also the photographs, reviews, video recordings are featured and made available for research purposes.

The aim of this research and development project was to digitalize and organize into a unified database the documentation related to Hungarian theatre performances. The selection and systematization of the materials accumulated until now, following professional guidelines, has made possible to implement a comprehensive database able to document the performances from as many sides as possible. The newest developments in information technology have also become accessible for theatre historical research, stimulating the fullest development of its possibilities, while respecting the specific nature of this field.

The Hungarian Theatre Museum and Institute, due to major developments in informatics, beholds now a database and search engine which is hosted by our renewed homepage ( to be used by researchers, theatre professionals and the larger public from Hungary and abroad. Thus the system can serve at the same time as a research database, educational material, a visitor friendly museum guideline or an informational background for journalists. The openness, the interdisciplinary nature and the easy expandability of the database make the system permanently sustainable through the developments to follow.

The Theatre Database is built up by several subsystems which contain the following theatre resources: (

Performance database (Performances = Előadások)
Audio-visual archive (Recordings = Felvételek)
Photo collection (Photos = Fényképek)
Article collection (Newspaper and magazine articles = Cikkek)

The component databases are interconnected and permeable, to enable an easy browsing between contents of different type. Equipped with the data of the performances and the photos, video recordings and reviews related to them, one can venture a comprehensive analysis and carry out in-depth research into a given performance. With the help of our new database anyone can comfortably access the required information through the internet, even from home. The option of ordering the performances along the most important categories, e.g. performance title, author, timeline and company, assures the multi-purpose usability of the online collection. This way it takes only seconds to compile, for example, a list of all the performances of a playwright's works, to print a theatre's repertory or the artistic profile of a director, designer, actor.
One of our longer-term plans is to make available the English translation of the whole search platform and the essays featured on the webpage, therefore it's worth visiting us again later!
Thank you for your understanding and patience for the meantime.

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